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Team-Building Curling

Just for fun? That's a waste!

This is the program that turns fun play into learning.

This program is for team-building as off-site meeting, business trainging and so on. Feeling personal growth and team growth experience team-building at the emotional level. The facilitator verbalizes several important elements so that you can be reproduced when back to daily life. In advance, listen to the client's intentions, for example background, target effect, amount of reflection, focus on activity, strengthen study elements, etc.. We customize these contents and decide your best program.








*These are reference price.

  We can arrange it depend on your situation.

  1. Again realized the teamwork is important to achieve the goal.

  2. Progress effective communication ability and sharing information ability with teammates.

  3. Changing the viewpoint to solve the problem, becoming to make improvements actively.

  4. Mutual understanding advances, foster mutual respect.

  5. Strengthen unity between teams and develop the feeling of fellowship.

  6. The engagement to the increases, and a sense of belonging becomes strong.

  7. Improved team dynamics.

This program has the following expectations;


 NATURAL AROMA SPRAY【Relax/Concentration】

 We have special gift for JNTO PLAN customers! 

 This is Karuizawa Ice park original! Get it now!

 *1 spray/person, cannot choose.

Important notice for using our program


  It is necessary to arrive 30 minutes in advance as preparation for changing clothes and dressing.

  The time you reserved is the time when the program starts. As a rule, we're afraid the time cannot be changed if you arrived            earlier or later. Thus, even if you start late, the end time is as planned.

​●Assigned team

  It depends on your total number.

Other Notes
 ・We do not accept those who are drunk
, even if you have a reservation.
 ・Please let us know all participants' shoe size until 1 week before. On the form, could you please separate the right-handed              and left handed.
 ・There are some cases in that we use photos which you are playing as a advertisement.

<Cancellation Policy>
 Cancellation fee will be charged from the date of use. The same applies when the number decreases.
 ・8 days before using            : No charge

 ・7 days to 2 days                : 50%

 ・1 day before & on that day:100%

About clothes

The temperature in the hall is 5℃~7℃. Clothes that can slip or roll on ice are necessary.

Knit cap

*Necessary item for safety.

  Rent for free.

Worm & Comfortable long-sleeved jacket

Rent for 500yen

✕ short-sleeved shirt

​✕ dress lightly

Pants that are easy to bend & stretch knees

Curling shoes are including this program.

Please wear socks for hygience.

Rent for 500yen

✕ short-sleeved pants

​✕ skirt

​✕ stockings, tights, pantyhose, leggings

Curling bloom is including this program.


*Necessary item for safety.

  Rent for free.

Please feel free to ask us!

Karuizawa Ice Park

1154-1Hocchi, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 

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